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White Bedside Tables – A Makeover

I often wonder what draws us to our hobbies, and how, of all the amazing craftiness I’ve found across the internet, I fell for painting furniture. I’ve always loved to create, but this little venture has become so much more than just something I do on a rainy day. How did it connect, and what does my hobby say about me? My torn fingernails and paint splattered hair, a garage full of old, unwanted furniture, and more painting clothes than good ones.


Sure, furnishing my home on a budget appeals to me, more often out of necessity than anything else! But I also think it has something to do with the transformation, and with the idea that everything and anything can be made over and loved again. It’s a great sense of achievement to finish something and have someone fall in love with it, particularly if it had been put out as rubbish, or thought of as old and tired and ready for the op shop.



And while the process can be time consuming, there really is something to be said for sanding. I know that sounds completely ridiculous, but truly it works for me! I have two small children and they are… LOUD. Really. Emma and Harry are not the sit quietly and do some craft or read or even watch TV kind of small people. And so sometimes, the quiet process of sanding is exactly what my overloaded self needs. Stripping isn’t quite so relaxing, but sanding I can manage. Can you tell I’m an introvert?! No need for the radio or music on in the background, sometimes it’s the quiet work that I crave.


These white bedside tables are a client project for a friend meet through the kids pre-school. A fresh coat of white paint has made them lovely and fresh again… and almost convinced me that I need to find some bedside tables for my own bedroom to paint white. Painting a set of plain pine bedsides always makes for a dramatic transformation, and a great feeling. Right now I have an old school child school chair and a box as bedsides, so I’m definitely in the market for something new!


What about you? What are your hobbies? And what do you think they say about you?



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