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Thrifty Thursday – Something for Me!

I’ve been out and about looking for new furniture pieces over the last few days, but nothing has really caught my eye. I keep telling myself not to pick something up unless I love it, so I’ve come home empty handed this week in terms of furniture.

But I did pick up this ginger jar…

 photo gingerjar_zps6527d0df.jpg

Check out that orange pine!! This is the dining table I often moan about… when Emma and Harry are a little older it’s outta here!

Anyway, the terracotta is not my thing, so I painted it. Bet you didn’t think I’d do that right? All about changing it up here…

 photo gingerjar2_zpsc04bd498.jpg

Two coats of ASCP Provence and she’s looking a little more my style. I love these, and have seen them in so many homewares stores, but at $100 + they aren’t in the budget. Lucky me, I found this one for $8 I will have to find a spot for it where little hands can’t touch it!

 photo retrolightfitting_zps22d3d69f.jpg

I also picked up this cane light fitting for my entry. We’ve been in this house for 2 years and I just couldn’t stand the metal pencil holder thing any more, and then I found this. For $2. Bargain! The entry is STILL a work in progress – the mirror and table on the right need some work (ie paint) and I think I want a new rug, but it will get there

Just as I’ve been writing this I’ve seen something on Gumtree and I’m going to have a look at. Cross your fingers for me…

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