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Thrifty Thursday – Mirrors and a Hall / Sofa Table

I’ve been off to a slow start this year when it comes to thrifty finds. I had my fingers crossed this morning, thinking that with this heat people won’t have visited and there would be some gems for me to take home. But unfortunately there was absolutely nothing that I even too a second look at! I looked through linen, frames, furniture, clothes, cutlery… and came up with absolutely nothing!

As a side note, I did see a basic old pine chest of drawers for $450. Yep, that’s right, four hundred and fifty dollars. Now, I get that op shops needs to raise money and they aren’t giving pieces of furniture away (in their shops anyway). But really? $450? Unless it’s drawers were lined with gold I’m fairly sure this was over priced.

Lucky for me I’d picked up a few lovelies a few weeks ago (I can’t quite remember exactly when… the days of this summer are merging into each other!) These mirrors were all in a bundle at my local auction house. I’m ready to paint the two oval ones, but the round one has me scratching my head…


I’m thinking I’ll paint one French Linen (with a dollop of old white in to lighten it slightly) and the other Provence, but that round one… I’m quite conscious of it’s shape and not making it look cheap… what would you do?

sofa table

I also picked up this sofa or hall table. I love how narrow it is… there just aren’t as many homes with lovely wide hallways or huge entry spaces any more. And with more open living spaces, a sofa table with a lamp and books and lovely little trinkets really appeals to me. I’m thinking two tone… but it’s further down the to do list, so I may well change my mind by the time I get to it.

If you’re interested in any of these pieces, as is or painted in your choice of colour, please contact me :).

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