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Thrifty Thursday Art Project

This weeks Thrifty Thursday is something a little different. You see, in between being a wife, stay at home Mum, friend, daughter, sister, and Paisley Vintage furniture painter, I eat and sleep. That’s it. So, when it comes to my house there is a whole lot of this kind of magic going on…

Nothing. Exactly. Inspiring stuff huh?

SO, I’m setting myself a challenge.

logoOver the next 3 weeks I’ll be madly DIYing, researching and then sharing some affordable art options. And when I mean affordable, I’m talking under $100. Hopefully I’ll fill blank walls in my bedroom, kitchen, lounge and family, and a few others besides. Maybe you’ll find something you like too… and you know, it is nearly that time of year….

With all this in mind I’m sharing a quick and easy project today that is VERY budget friendly.

 greeting card art 5

Greeting cards are a cool and amazingly cheap way to add a little sunshine – this quote suits me to a tea and makes me smile as I walk out the door each day… and honestly, what else is art for? I grabbed the card at Kikki K, a can of spray paint, and a old wooden frame from an op shop… A five minute project that’s bright and cheery and perfect for budget conscious me!

greeting card art 2

Now let’s get this thing started!! Where do YOU go for affordable art options? Got something you’d love to share? I’d love to hear about it!

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