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Thrifty Thursday – A million different things I’ve found

I was thinking last night that I hadn’t shared my thrifty finds for some time, so today I thought I’d share all the things I’ve found lately…

These two tables would have to be amongst my most favourite finds. I did share them on facebook a little while ago and started on the one on the right yesterday. I’m keeping her. I think. You know how it is! I would also keep the other one, but I keep telling myself that if I ever want a studio or a shop I actually need something to sell! Funny that. The other I’ll be working on next week…

 photo lamptables_zpsd4ffac0c.jpg 

I’ve also been busy working on my new project… I’m working on some pieces for Rustoleum ready for The Better Homes and Gardens show in September.

I KNOW!!!!

I can’t believe it myself, this is such an amazing opportunity and I’m really thrilled to get involved…. Every time I think about it I have to try not to to do a ridiculous dance and smile that goofy smile of someone who is getting to do stuff they love. Rustoleum own Zinnser who produce the undercoat I always use, so it was a no brainer when they asked me. ASKED ME! If you don’t get the idea, I’m overwhelmingly stoked (yes, I’m that age in case you’re wondering!!) I have cans and cans of spray paint ready to go and here are some of the pieces I’ll be making over for them.

 photo rustoleum_zpsbeec258a.jpg 

The specific product I’m using hasn’t been launched in Australia yet, but will be here later in the year. Can’t wait to share more about this, but until then my lips are sealed Oh, except that when you think of spray paint and think of the hopelessly daggy colours you find in your local Bunnings??? This is NOT that If you’re planning to come along to the show please let me know. I’m hoping to go along and help at the Rustoleum stand and would love to have some visitors!!

I also shared this beauty on Facebook and I think it was my most popular piece ever. She is completely beyond painting, rusted through in places and I don’t know that I would let anyone sit on her, but she is completely gorgeous and has found a perfect place in my garden. I probably need to prune a little around her, but you get the idea!

 photo ironbench_zps8ddcdc5f.jpg

When I picked her up the girl giving her away was beside herself. She had to start clearing stuff out and this was on the list. Except she loved it. I have that feeling ALL THE TIME. I promised it was going to a very loving home.

And here are a few other goodies I’ve found ready to make over…

 photo thriftyfindscollage_zps1d071abe.jpg

The orange chair has a partner in the garage, but quite honestly I would have needed to move EVERYTHING to get to her, so you’ll have to take my word for it. I’m thinking charcoal geometric pattern. Frames for blackboards and whiteboards, a rusty lamp that was on the side of the road (and still works), and a drop leaf table someone was using to prop up their dryer (can you believe that!!!). Lots of lovelies to get stuck in to.

What about you? Had any great finds lately?

Thanks so much for stopping by…

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