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Thrifty Thursday #4 – Suitcases

This week I found a new favourite friend…

 photo thriftythursday4_zps59396c7c.jpg

This suitcase was $10 at my local op shop and he’s definitely a keeper In my rapture over this one, can you see what I did? Right side photo, just above the handle? That’s right. I pulled the price tag off without a thought and it pulled off the top layer of board. !!!

I spent an our kicking myself (I even vacuumed the floor as punishment) and then decided that I could solve this easily with another one of my favorites. Map Pages!! So look out for that project soon.

 photo thriftythursday42_zps9e976f76.jpg

This suitcase was actually my Pops and is now the signage I use at my market stalls. After cutting out the general shape I used Modge Podge to secure a vintage sheet from my stash to the top side, and then used a scapel to cut round the edges. Even after being dragged to a few markets, thrown around in the car and stored in my garage, it’s still looking great. I think a retro style suitcase works great as signage, especially in  my kind of business!

My last thrifty share is a work in progress…

 photo thriftythursday43_zps1b5a3d19.jpg

Emma’s bedside table is a retro vanity case attached to an old side table I found for $2. I love the style, just not the colour, so it’s scheduled for a paint job in the new year. I’m torn between making her all white or hot pink. Or even pale pink. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

So what about?? Love an old suitcase?

Thanks for stopping by…

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