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Thrifty Thursday #2 – Roadside Gold Edition

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Last week I started a new bloggy tradition – Thrifty Thursday. Every Thursday I’m going to share what I’ve seen, found or generally lusted after. This week it’s roadside finds, and I’ve got some doozies!

It constantly amazes me the stuff people throw out. Driving around my local suburbs this week I’ve been amazed at what people have decided is rubbish. Take this girl for example…

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There was no way I was leaving her, look at those arms!! And though it took me a while to get her in the back of the car, I did eventually get her home! I think this arm chair could be gorgeous, I’ve already bought some fabric and piping and now I’m psych-ing myself up to do it. There is an amazingly talented duo in Lismore, NSW who save these chairs all the time, and I’m so inspired by their work. They’re called Flourish and Blume and you can find them here.

The ones that got away this week were these chairs. When I did the school drop off I saw four of dining chairs and wanted to go home unload the stuff in the back of the car (pram, picnic blankets, bags etc etc, you know the stuff), then come back to get them. Not an hour later two were broken.

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Apologies for the terrible phone photo – but hopefully you can see two chairs standing, and two broken. Makes me sad when people do this! BUT, rather than end on that sad note I’ll leave you with my best ever roadside find before and after. I found this dresser on the side of the road and am SO glad I stopped for her! You can find out more about this project here.

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Thanks for stopping by…

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