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Thrifty Thursday #13 – A few good finds!

After last Thursdays disappointment (you can read about it here) I feel like I’m back on the up-swing. This is one of the reasons I’m smiling!

 photo ThriftyThursday13_zpsb502718e.jpg

I’m really happy with these – I wanted ombre but not quite ombre. Does that make sense? Probably not really, but if you’ve been following along you’d be used to that! I have a pair, though I will sell them separately because I think I want one for Harry! I’ll post the pair when it’s not so rainy and I’m not photographing them in the garage!!

I also picked up this girl on the side of the road…

 photo ThriftyThursday143_zps451a9aee.jpg

This was the pile of junk at the next house along, and I sat in the car staring at it for 10 minutes. Can you see what caught my eye? The dresser was great, but it was the upholstered bedhead lying on the ground that really caught my attention. When I finally decided that there was really no way I was going to get that thing in the car I drove away wondering how I could convince DK that we need a truck. 

 photo ThriftyThursday133_zps39936e4a.jpg

I also picked up this lovely coat rack from an op shop – I think this is is perfect for scarves and jewellery, so it’s probably going to stay with me for the time being

 photo ThriftyThursday134_zps9924ae00.jpg

AND I got this from Freecycle! I love drinks trolleys; this one has had a coat or two of primer and I just need to decide on colour.

 photo ThriftyThursday135_zpsbf53cd56.jpg

So really I should be smiling!

What have you found this week? Anything interesting?

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