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Thrifty Thursday

What would you say to one last Thrifty Thursday for 2013? Excellent

map table

This was actually a gift from my friend Sally, but I’m sharing it anyway…. because I love it, and I need your help! The base has been painted a terrible colour!!! What would you do? I’m tossing up stripping it back to the original, except that after this project I promised my days of stripping where over. So, if I’m painting it…. black immediately comes to mind. I’m definitely keeping it; I don’t have a desk and am tired of cluttering the dining table with my work. Would love your thoughts!

I also picked up this buffet and coffee table on my travels… the table is currently a work in progress and will be old white, but the buffet is yet to be determined. I had decided on white, then french linen with a white wash, then black. A whole lot of decisiveness going on at my place!!

buffet & side table

My neighbour gave me the hanging frame below right; I’m going to replace the pot with some kind of lantern for outside… and a bit of spray paint might just work it’s magic. And the frame? I just love it… a pale grey wash and I think it will be just perfect!

frame and hanging pot

This oval coffee table is in need of a bit of love, but the shape convinced me to grab her anyway. I’m wondering if I can save the top and paint the bottom white…. we shall see in January!

art deco table

The mantle below left is another one that needs a little love. Yes the mirror is broken, but I’m thinking a chalkboard and some hooks will bring it back to life! Those curves are just crying out for some paint!

mantle and shelves

Last but not least, the hanging shelves on the right are destined for paint too – I’m thinking the small one might look lovely in a bathroom, the larger in a kitchen or child’s room.

Don’t forget – I need your help with that map table!!! I’m lying awake at night thinking about it!

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