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Thrifty Thursday…

More often than not, I seem to have weird and wonderful stories to tell about picking up furniture. Coffee tables hanging out the passenger door, peacock chairs on the laps of my children, tables sliding out the car boot when I hadn’t closed it properly… you name it I’ve done when it comes to getting that stuff home. And this was no exception…


This was the picture from Gumtree, and I was so excited I jumped on it immediately. Without checking the dimensions ….

So I drove the half an hour, worked with the owner to get it down two flights of stairs and onto the driveway. And it didn’t fit. Not even close! And to make matters worse I’d forgotten my ropes. I could have cried. I wanted it so much but there was no way I could get it home. Lucky for me the lady was so lovely and said she’d keep it till I came back.

Thankfully DK (my husband) agreed to go back and get it. On the roof. Then it rained.


I have cropped my husband out of this photo. He was not smiling. He’d strapped it to the roof and driven 10 minutes down the road before deciding that it wasn’t quite secure enough, and when he got out to fix it, it rained.  This makeover better be beautiful!

This guy on the other hand was an easy pick… in the boot, round the corner and done. Thank goodness!

drinks trolley

One day I will have a lovely van with a Paisley Vintage logo splashed across the side. Until then I guess I’ll make do


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