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Thirfty Thursday!!

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Thrifty Thursday post; so I thought it was about time I shared some of my latest finds.

Lamp table

I picked up this table at the end of last week and have already started a makeover I love it so much. The veneer was flaking off,  so it’s had a good sand and one coat of paint so far. It will be a lovely pale grey… I’m hoping to finish it next week.


This was actually something I found yesterday… look past the cafe curtain lace in the inserts and it would be so lovely! I’m yet to decide on fabric or colour… I was thinking it might be nice in a grey colour with linen, or even white with some great vintage floral. Or stripes. Decisions decisions!!

tool box

And how cute is this little tool box! I was planning on doing a white wash, but then driving round today and thinking about paint colours (as you do!) I suddenly thought it would look great in really chippy aqua. Or yellow. Or just about any colour…

dining setting

I also picked up this dining table… it’s sitting on a sheet as I thought I would start painting straight away, but my typical indecision has struck and I’m re-thinking my colour. I was originally going to paint the legs and frame of the table white, but now I’m thinking black. I’m on a real black kick at the moment… could be all the industrial style I’m seeing on The Block

shaped side table

Last but not least – my lovely friends Mel and Sonya picked this one up for me – it’s such a cute shape! I’m thinking a really bright pop of colour…

All of these are available for purchase, as is, or as a custom job. Or you can wait to see what I do with them


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