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Thirft Store / Op Shop Shopping List

Do you have a Thrift Store / Op Shop shopping list? I’ve been working on mine; I decided recently that I need something physical to prompt me when I’m out and about (and remind me of the million and one pinterest  projects I have pinned and waiting for a specific find). So today I thought I’d share what I’ve started, and I’d love to hear what you look out for too.

 photo shoppinglist_zpsa4c1b364.jpg

1. Ornate Frames or Mirrors

This one seems like a no brainer, but it still tops my list. They hardly ever come up in my area, but when they do I try to grab them. I mean, who could pass this up???

 photo shoppinglist2_zps305cd8f1.jpg

Right now I have one sitting under my bed, ready to replace the builder basic mirror in our ensuite. I’d also love a few for the lounge room, a couple to make into chalk boards, and… well, you get the picture!

2. Lamps (especially a pair), Light Fittings, Chandeliers

A pair of matching lamps… I found these yesterday. Cool right?

 photo shoppinglist3_zps1e5df511.jpg

I once followed a woman for 20 minutes around an Op Shop / Thrift Store because of the light fighting she was holding, just in case she put it down (she didn’t ). It was curvy, cane, and in perfect condition. And it was $3. It was completely gorgeous and I’ve never seen anything like it since.

3. Paintings or Posters, Globes or Maps

I’d love a vintage seascape, but any old oil will do! I’ve also seen some amazing projects using old paintings that I’d love to try my hand at. And how about a collection of globes…

 photo shoppinglist4_zpsdb721e8e.jpg

4. Jars / Vases / Glassware

Mason jars are almost non-existent in Australia, but I’m still looking, especially after this featured in a renovation program

 photo shoppinglist5_zpsbcca2220.jpg

… and how about all those gorgeous green / blue tinted glass projects on pinterest right now!

5. Furniture…

A pair of chairs, a gorgeous side table, a dining table with curvy legs. I bought this gem for $6 and I can’t wait to starting working on it!

 photo shoppinglist6_zps72f3ea16.jpg

For me, furniture at our Op Shops / Thrift Stores are becoming more and more expensive, but occasionally I find something exciting.

6. Nic Nacs and Dust Collectors; The Weird & Wonderful

Who hasn’t seen an amazing wall hanging, statue, ceramic animal or similar whilst searching their local op shop (or spying on the shopping basket of a fellow shopper)? With a coat of paint (often white) these can be amazing.

So that’s my shopping list to start with. Mandi at Vintage Revivals has some great advice about thrifting. She finds completely amazing pieces and makes them beautiful –  if you don’t already follow, you should!

I’d love to hear about your list, what are you looking for??

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