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The Little Accordion Stool

This little table came to me via a wonderful friend I met in my former life as a HR Manager (Hi Alex if you’re reading!!). We were laughing recently about how different our lives are since those business days – I paint furniture and she is now a fabulous high school teacher. And luckily for me she has her eyes peeled and found this lovely piece for me.

accordian stool 1

Her original seat was sloped, allowing the accordion player to rest but not quite sit. I decided it really needed to be flat, and yellow. Some pieces I just have a colour in mind immediately, others stew for a while, but this one I was certain. ASCP English Yellow to be exact   It’s such a great pop of colour, and just makes me smile. I would love some yellow highlights in my own home; I’ve got a few pieces earmarked to get some yellow paint in the near future.

You can see the original picture below – it’s such a great shape!

accordian stool 5

I wanted loads of character to reflect its history, so instead of sanding all those divets and marks I kept them, and distressed the piece to show them off. I think she’d be perfect as a side table or even a bedside table. My daughter can even use it as a little table to eat her lunch!

accordian stool 3

So – what about you? Do you have an accent colour or highlight colour in your home?

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