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Taking stock…


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This year has been rough. Survivable, but rough. Why? Oh, well… this.

And so I’ve been trying to look after myself, something that I haven’t really done a whole lot of before. And doing nice things for myself. One of those nice things is joining the Blog with Pip course – a course for bloggy people, or people who want to be bloggy kind of people, and who want to learn more. Something cool Pip has asked us to do is a taking stock exercise… and I thought I’d share mine. Pip provides the prompts, we provide the response. Here goes…

Making : Old stuff new again.
Cooking : Dinner drives me nuts. Neither of my children like anything I cook!
Drinking : More water. Must drink more water.
Reading: Fashionably Worn by Leigh-Ann Pow. All about filling your home with vintage treasures. Thank you MJ
Wanting: A crystal ball… I’d like to know what’s gonna happen next!
Looking: For a job. And roadside treasures. And the silver lining.
Playing: Schools, scooter races and lego.
Deciding: That I CAN do it!
Wishing: That every little thing really IS gonna be alright.
Enjoying: Friends and family.
Waiting: Till December and then putting the house on the market
Liking: My new bed.
Wondering: Where we will make our new home.
Loving: The little cards Emma makes me, and Harry’s happy face.
Pondering: Vacuuming.
Considering: Whether I can really justify another visit to the op shop!
Watching: House Rules.
Hoping: For the best for my little people.
Marveling: At the elaborate and complex explanations my daughter gives for not listening or doing as she’s asked.
Needing: To tidy up.
Smelling: Rain.
Wearing: Prints and colour. I need more of it.
Following: @sallyturbitt on Twitter. This person has given me more in so many areas of my life than I could ever return. Thanks Sal.
Noticing: Negative thoughts and trying to cut them off at the pass.
Knowing: There can never be too many paint projects.
Thinking: About my blog and where it’s going.
Feeling: Excited.
Admiring: Miss Mustard Seed… I could spend hours poking around her blog and would love to visit her market stall in the US one day.
Sorting: Through my garage and trying to decide whether there are some things that I should just pass on to the next person.
Buying: Paint. Always.
Getting: To bed way too late!
Bookmarking: Dining tables, looking for inspiration before painting mine.
Disliking: The lack of empathy displayed by the Australian Government.
Opening: The windows to let some cool night air in. Just for a minute
Giggling: At Emma doing Judo.
Feeling: Tired. Lucky. Hopeful.
Snacking: On ice cream with ice magic!! Don’t tell anyone.
Coveting: A sunnylife beach sounds radio. To listen to while I’m painting.
Wishing: For a sleep in.
Helping: Myself in order to help my children.
Hearing: My little man Harry snoring.

It was nice to think about all the things going on in my life, good and bad. And what about you? Do you take stock regularly?



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