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Websters Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Kelly Isaacs, who is the winner of the Websters Chalk Paint Powder and L’Essentiel Beeswax Polish. Her mention of coral had me imagining bold coral pieces all day! AND thank you to everyone who entered Would you believe that months and months ago I created this ecard and shared it on Instagram […]

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Taking stock…

  This year has been rough. Survivable, but rough. Why? Oh, well… this. And so I’ve been trying to look after myself, something that I haven’t really done a whole lot of before. And doing nice things for myself. One of those nice things is joining the Blog with Pip course – a course for […]

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Bedroom Makeover Update!

So… I had planned a big post on my bedroom makeover, and hoped to wow you with a beautifully completed accent wall. And then on Wednesday my house was broken in to, and Thursday morning I realised that my camera had gone. UGH. Luckily everyone is OK, nothing really sentimental and therefore valuable was taken, […]

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