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Starting a Master Bedroom Makeover

Today I’m sharing a progress report of sorts… last Thursday I mentioned I’d started a master bedroom makeover. A little over a month ago I was left with a completely empty bedroom after this happened, bar my clothes. Literally. No bed, bedsides, dresser. Oh wait, I had a mirror. That’s it.

I’m the kind of person that focuses on the practicalities when it all gets to much. If I spend too much time thinking about the changes that have been going on in my life I wouldn’t move forward, and I HAVE to move forward. So I’ve been focused on getting things done. What I don’t want to do is sound trite; a bedroom makeover doesn’t change what has happened. It DOES give me something to focus on, and something of my own. I need it. And I thought I’d share it with you.

bedroom makeover

Lucky for me I found just the bed I was looking for at Freedom. It was on clearance and with a mattress came in at $1300. Bargain. I love upholstered bedheads, I love that I can make a new cover if I want to change things up a bit, and I love that I got to pick exactly what I wanted.

AND I got to pick out some new bed linen. I found the white bedspread and blue cushion at Target on sale. I even made myself a cushion in the grey spot I’d been holding on to for just the right project. So then I splurged on the vintage linen pillow cases at Adairs. Because that yellow.


And then Wayfair Australia sent me these amazing wall hanging arrows and I knew they’d make a perfect ‘art with a twist’ for above my bed. They are really what got me to start creating a bedroom for myself… I’d faffed around with them and then it dawned on me that I could use them for myself! You can find them here. The little bird and glass jars were recent purchases, the other bits and pieces collected along the way. I like the soft industrial feel of them.

bedroom makeover 2

So, I have the basics right? As you move round the room, well, things start to get a little sad. For example; ever wondered what happens to curtain rods when you’re children insist on twirling themselves up in the curtains? I have the perfect example below…

bedroom makeover 3

No, it’s not your eyes, the rod is bent. The curtains are SO sheer, and that’s the road out there, and the entrance to my home, so the whole thing needs help.

The dresser seems to have found a little home there and it may stay. Or not. The globe is a definite.

Now remember I said this was a progress report? Well, there is still loads to do. I have a list…. I’ll show you.

bedroom makeover 4

You can see I’m torn about lighting, that is, whether to having hanging globes or bedside lamps. I’m erring on the side of lamps as this will not be my forever home. Unfortunately. But before I get lamps, I need something to put them on! So, some amazing bedside tables are on the list. Artwork, curtains and a rug too.

And on the other side of the room… well…

bedroom makeover 5

Add to the list more curtains, artwork and a chair. (PLEASE don’t look at that chair too long. It is a terrible drawing, but hopefully you get the picture ) I think I have also found a very cool wall art idea that is cheap and amazingly effective. As soon as school returns I’m trying it out!

Now, as you can imagine I don’t quite have the budget to go online (or anywhere for that matter) to buy all these things. So it’s a work in progress. As I find the next piece the room will continue to take shape.


Hope you’ll come along for the journey



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