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Shabby Chic Shelf

One of Mum’s friends passed on this cute little shelf recently – the message that came with it went something along the lines of ‘if you don’t like it just throw it away’! As if! It’s the perfect size for trinkets, stationery, or to display collections… even for a child to display their treasures. Its previous owner had the shelf sitting on her kitchen bench, with mugs displayed along the bottom and a plate sitting in the top.

shabby chic shelf

I shared it recently on Facebook and a lovely client messaged immediately to say she’d love it painted white… here’s a before shot, along with a few other pieces I’d piled together that are all on the to do list.

shabby chic shelf 3

The detail across the top is lovely, and perfect for distressing. This would have to be one of my favourite parts of the process – sanding a piece back to highlight those details. Sure perfectly smooth has it’s place, but I think I’m a chippy girl at heart!

shabby chic shelf 1

I also love that this shelf has little feet so it could stand on a kitchen bench or desk…

shabby chic shelf 2

It feels great to have finished another project, and to start the year on such a positive note. Working on furniture projects, developing my style, participating in the One Little Word workshop, it’s all feeling really positive right now. Hope 2015 is feeling the same for you.

Catherine xxx



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