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Rust-Oleum Chalk Board Paint – Sponsored Post

This last week or so I’ve been crazy busy. I mean, I’m always inclined to have loads of projects on the go at any one time, but this has been beyond normal… my new website is finally here, and I’ve also finished by the Rust-Oleum project for the Better Homes & Gardens Show this weekend.

If you’ve been here before you’ll know that I like a chalk board or two… and love the idea of using chalk board paint on everything. I’m hoping when things quieten down I will create a really big chalkboard in the kitchen, but I’m trying really hard not to start anything new while I have a garage full of stuff to makeover! I made a load of chalkboards out of silver trays last year which were great, but this time round I’m trying it on glass bottles…

chalk board bottles

I just collected what I had at home in the recycling… a jam jar, a wine bottle and an olive oil bottle. I picked these because they were different sizes and shapes, but you could go uniform (and drink a case of wine) if you prefer! I’ve given them a good clean and gotten rid of the labels – the wine bottle had a very cool metal one, but it had to go. The trick is to use a good undercoat, I’ve done two coats with Zinsser here and then sanded it down with fine sandpaper to make sure it’s smooth.

chalk board bottles 2

The Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint was seriously easy to use and with the undercoat has stuck perfectly to the glass. Getting this project looking so good makes me think about all the other stuff I could put the chalkboard paint on… in case you’re wondering, chalkboard paint is usually best applied with a roller (to keep it smooth) but I didn’t have a small one so I used a normal everyday paint brush and sanded between coats. I’ve kept the inside clean so they could be used for flowers, but if you wanted to keep it uniform, you could do inside too.

chalkboard bottles 3

You could write words, add numbers, patterns, whatever you like. If you use larger bottles they’d be great for the dining table… keep the lip free from paint and you could use if to serve water or juice.

chalk board paint

Of course I’ve made up a few more traditional ones for my next market stall – the shapely one on the right was the backing off a large mirror in my hall until the wind blew it right off the wall. I was devastated… but knew I should keep the backing just in case! Now she’s got a new life as a chalkboard.

So what about you – do you love chalk board paint??

** The Chalk Board Paint was provided to me by Rustoleum for a project I’ve just finished for them, and while I purchased the primer on my own, it is from the same company. Just like to be transparent! **

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