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Pure White Lamp Tables

Well, I’m a day late with my post this week… though this project has quite honestly been going for weeks! And the second matching table is still a work in progress, but here it is, a pure white lamp table.

Pure White Lamp Table

I’ve had problems pop up at every turn with this one… there was a huge amount of bleeding to start with, then in my haste to finish I painted a second coat on the bottom shelf when the first hadn’t dried and there was a whole lot of little bubbles. Then I painted the handles in grey and I hated them. And then white. Before finally settling on black. Phew!

But in the end I’m really happy with how they turned out! I used a Zinsser Primer and then Annie Sloan Pure White. In contrast to my Aubussion Blue project from last week (you can see it here) where one coat on the drawer fronts and two on the frame were easily sufficient, to get a solid colour I needed three to four for this table.

pure white lamp table 3

I was unsure about keeping the original handles to start with, but I love how they’re flush with the drawer. I kept imagining kicking any knobs that stuck out, or having them scrape little legs. And I love the stark contrast.

pure white lamp table 2

Harry is in for surgery this week, to have grommets put in and adenoids removed. It’s so hard to imagine such a little person going in for surgery, and so hard to explain to him exactly what is about to happen. I’m tempted to just hold him and never let go. I know he’ll be fine. But I’ll still be holding on every chance I get. Wish us luck




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