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Project Update, and a big step for Little Miss Paisley Vintage

First things first – my little girl started school yesterday! I can’t believe it – I still remember holding that tiny baby and wondering how on earth such a beautiful girl could be mine. (And the sleepless nights, nappy changes, and tantrums but lets leave those behind for a minute!) And watching her walk then run then head off to pre-school.


When I stood there yesterday at the Primary School it was completely surreal. I wanted to hold on and not let go. And tell her she is amazing and will have a wonderful time. And give her one last hug. And then she walked off and into her classroom. And I spent the day wondering when I could go back and pick her up! She had a lovely day; she likes her teacher and made a new friend. Couldn’t ask for more

So today I have a few updates on what I’ve been working on…

mirrors 2

I picked up these mirrors a few weeks ago from the local auction house. I’ve sold one, just about finished the one in the photos and the round one is still on the to do list.

I also talked about painting from the heart or the head this week on facebook… when I picked up the chest of drawers below my head told me to paint it white or a very pale grey. I know these colours sell quickly as they appeal to a larger number of people. My heart told me otherwise. You can see which won out!

Florence Drawers

This chest of drawers is turning out so lovely (if I do say so myself), just the colour makes me smile. I need to find the perfect drawer pulls and so far I’ve missed out on everything I’ve liked (either sold out, or don’t have enough for all the drawers), so it has stalled a little.

play oven

I’ve also been slowly chipping away at the play kitchen I thought I’d have a go at. Before Christmas. Yes, sometimes things take me a little while to get to! The stove rings aren’t in place yet, I’ve started painting a chalkboard on the side for the menu board, and I’ve started working on the oven door.

So that’s it from me. Head spinning and dying to go and pick up my girl!

Picking up from the conversation from my facebook page- do you choose colours with your heart or your head?

Thanks for stopping by…




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