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Pastel Shelves – Orange Pine Tranformation

Some days, there is nothing better than painting orange pine.

pastel bookshelves 3

I have joked in the past about starting a club – The Worldwide Association for the Eradication of Orange Pine…. The Action Group for the Beautification of Orange Pine… Exterminators of Orange Pine… I could go on. The thing is, this furniture is usually sturdy and reasonably well made (we’re not talking dove tail joinery, but still), it’s just that it’s…. orange.

pastel bookshelves 5The outside is ASCP Pure White, and inside is Dulux Ice Pick. The blue is so very pale, just a hint really, but I think it looks lovely against the white, and the shape just seemed to scream pastel to me!

pastel bookshelves 2

The curves were perfect for distressing, so I sanded her a little all over.

I grabbed a few bits and pieces from Emma’s room, but I think it could look lovely in a study or hall wall… It’s finished with furniture wax so it could even be used in an entry to store bags and shoes  and ‘stuff’.

pastel bookshelves

I’d love to hear what you think… are you a lover of all things pastel?

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