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Painting Things White

I’ve been painting things white this week – finishing a tiny retro table for a friend and a very chippy bar stool. While I do love a bit of colour, giving something a fresh coat of white paint when it’s been drab and boring makes for a fantastic makeover.

retro table 1

This table was dropped in to me by a friend; the shape is something I’ve never seen before, it’s so funky! But the brown veneer wasn’t quite the desired look, and so I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White to give it something more modern. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, I find it more cost effective and time savvy to give anything I’m painting white an undercoat first, this time I used a Zinsser Undercoat, Bullseye 123.

retro table 3

The piece had loads of nail holes around the edges, and rather than fill these in I left these as is – I think they add to it’s character and ensures the pieces does look like a piece of white plastic! The veneer needed repairing in several places which was easy enough with glue and braces, but fiddly when working round those funky legs!

stool 2

I picked up the stool on the side of the road – it was sitting perfectly on top of a huge pile of junk! I love the character of the seat top – I sanded the wood to get rid of any snags, but that lovely worn look was highlighted in white.


I do love white but I’m planning a love little yellow table as a next project. Something bright and happy – and ready for summer!

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