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One Little Word 2018 - Heart

One Little Word 2018 - Heart

Happy New Year!

I don't know about you, but I'm excited that a new year is beginning. I love the feeling of possibility it brings, and strangely for me, the feeling of change.

I've had a little break from the shop, though I have been busy moving the shop around and thinking about my plans for this year.

While I don't particularly make resolutions for the new year, I'm again participating in Ali Edwards workshop One Little Word. If you've not heard of it, the workshop encourages you to choose a word that will help guide you through the year, it might be something you want to bring into your life, something you want to do more of, or even less of; it's a word that you can focus on to really build a life you love.

The workshop offers creative prompts that you can use for journalling, scrapbooking, or just thinking about as you go through each month. They ask you to consider - What does your word mean to you? Where do you want to see it manifest in your life? And my favourite, to find quotes that speak to you of your word and your intentions for that word through the year. I love a bit of creativity so most years I've created a scrapbook or journal to record what's happening for me that month in relation to my word.

I've always participated in this workshop with a good friend, and when she read out the words people had chosen from last years workshop, heart immediately struck a chord. I know I want to live a more heart led life, to be more open hearted in relationships, in my business, and also in relation to looking after own wellbeing. And I'm open to the possibilities the word will bring, I'm not completely sure where it will take me, though there are dreams popping into my head and heart that make it feel like the right word for me right now.

I will share more as we go along, and if you're participating in One Little Word I'd love to hear from you. If you are considering signing up, head over to Ali's website where you can find out more about the workshop

Happy 2018 my lovely friends - hope it's the best one yet!



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