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Mummy’s Turn…

Continuing on with the theme from last entry I decided I really am in need to new pj bottoms. Whilst being pregnant, and bending over at odd angles to try to reach the floor, I’ve ripped two pairs (admittedly they were also VERY old and a bit shabby looking)! And even better, I’ve been adventurous and made up a pattern for myself!!

Now as expert as that sounds, I did follow the instructions from Emma’s Make it Perfect pj’s, and I also based them on a pair that I already have, but still, this is an achievement!! As I was a bit unsure I chose fabric I already had in the stash, and that I wouldn’t be too upset over if they didn’t work out.

 photo pjs_zps1661cdce.jpg

I will make some changes for the next pair (I’m sure I’ll need another pair, and have just the material for it!), but overall I’m very happy. I just need to find a long sleeve white tee, hopefully with buttons for easy breastfeeding, and then the set will be perfect. I did think I’d take them in to hospital with me, but have since decided that it would be wonderful to have a nice new pair of pj’s to wear when I come home.

I suspect that things are about to go very quiet on the sewing front. I have exactly two weeks before I’m scheduled to go to hospital, and with a 2 year old and a new baby I’m not sure exactly how much sewing time I’ll have, if any (I’d bet on the later!). I still have a long list though, and I’m hoping that I will just have a short break, and come back a little slower than I’ve started the year. And that’s OK – I have actually surprised myself with the amount I’ve already done this year. And that feels quite good!

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