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Mirror Mirror Vintage Mirror

This week I’ve finished three mirrors, all a little different but thought they’d be perfect to share together. I love ornate mirrors; I have a large one in my entry (which is still in the process of a makeover) and I just love the look. It’s also the darkest area of the house, but the mirror reflects light from the next room which is perfect.

This first one has been painted in ASCP Old White  and heavily distressed. I was uncertain about this piece when I first picked it up; I was thinking the flowers were a bit garish in gold and worried that even with a coat of paint they may look overdone. Thankfully I think the paint just softens them enough to make them very shabby chic and beautiful

mirror 3

I picked up this round one at the same time, and used ASCP in Graphite to give it a new look. Again heavily distressed as I love the gold peaking through!

mirror 4

Last but definitely not least is this free standing mirror my Mum picked up a couple of months ago. It’s been sitting in my garage over Christmas and New Year, I just needed to get around to putting it back together! Now I have I’m thinking it looks great – so much better than the orange pine it started out with! Hopefully Mum likes it

mums mirror

People often ask where I find mirrors – in my area they seem to be hard to come by for a decent price. There is a lovely ornate one in one of my local op shops that’s been there for months. There’s a small piece that’s broken, not really noticeable though… but they have $80 on it! For me this is a ridiculous price for a mirror on the smaller size, that’s also not in perfect condition. I always shop with a budget for each type of furniture in mind, and unless it’s really large I limit myself to around $60. OP shops, second hand shops, auctions, garage sales are great for these things, but if your looking in any kind of store the trick is to find out when their delivery day is and either go in that afternoon or the next day.

So what about you? DO you love mirrors? Have any hanging in your home?


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