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Mirror Mirror

I’ve had some luck recently with large ornate frames; I’d found a few beauties and then came across a super large one that was screaming out to be made into a mirror.

gold mirror

I’ve always been a little reluctant to turn the frames into mirrors, mostly because of the cost involved in obtaining glass. It’s an extra element to factor in to pricing, which is a challenge at the best of times! But quite honestly I thought it would be just a shame to make it a chalkboard or memory board (using chicken wire), so I decided to bite the bullet and get a glazier to cut a piece of glass to size and install it. I’m so glad I did.

If you’re considering doing something similar yourself, it’s worth ringing round with the measurements of your frame to get a quote. I really was pleasantly surprised, and the glazier secured the mirror for me as well. If you’re local to the Central Coast, you could try Tuggerah Lakes Glass. I was really happy with them.

gold framed mirror 2

It’s so large it’s been a struggle to successfully photograph… I originally had it propped up over my sideboard but the room isn’t particularly light filled and this past weekend was gloomy most of the time. My bedroom was slightly better for light, but those reflections!! I must get myself Photoshop for my next birthday.

gold framed mirror 3

I do love this mirror, especially over the bed, but as I already have a mirror in that room that has sentimental value, I’ve listed this beauty on my For Sale page if you’re interested.

Catherine xxx



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