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Making Christmas Ornaments

We’ve been slow to get Christmassy here – with Emma’s birthday and a procession of birthday parties to attend I’m only just starting to get into the spirit. But better later than never right??

So we’ve started with a few Christmas ornaments, Emma and I picked up some clear glass ornaments from Spotlight, some paint and metallic ribbon and got started…

paint filled ornament

Once you’ve got the top off the ornament you really can put anything inside. These first ones are simply coated with red acrylic paint I already had. I used a small plastic funnel to tip in the paint, and then Emma slowly swirled the ornament to get a good coverage. We then sat them in some plastic cups to drain away the paint for a few hours, replaced the top and hung them on the tree. So… Emma is looking particularly serious here, but I promise you it was fun. And remind me to tell you one day about Emma and head gear…

Metallic Ribbon Bauble

With this next one I simply cut lengths of metallic ribbon in two different colours, curled them with scissors and then Emma pushed them into the ornament.

Both of these were great projects for Emma and I to do together. If you’ve got a crafty little person at home, some $5 ornaments and bits and pieces of Christmassy craft, these are perfect. I found them easy to do with my 5 year old with just a little instruction and assistance. And being able to come back a few hours later and put them all up on the tree together was lovely.

Here are a few other ideas that are on the Christmas ornament to do list…Ornaments

1. Love the wreath from The Long Thread. And yes, it’s a Halloween wreath, but I think it would look just as lovely for Christmas!

2. These vintage inspired ornaments from Cass Can Sew are lovely, especially the doily ones

3. Red and white are my favourite colours for Christmas, and this wrapped bauble is the perfect combination!

4. Shelly from The House of Smiths shared this great ornament gift idea – what a beautiful present for the family.

5. The Ornament Girl has so many ideas it was hard to pick one, but I like the idea of hand painting ornaments, and especially thought this was something that my daughter would love to have a go at.

6. I’m not saying you will have a whole bunch of bottle tops laying around… but if you do, these bottle top snow men are so cute

Do you do Christmas craft in the lead up to the big day? If you’ve blogged please share!

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