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Is it Black? Using Graphite and Black Wax

I'm regularly asked about achieving a matt black finish using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, so often in fact that I thought I'd write a blog post about it!

I love this finish because it can fit with so many different styles; whether you've got a rustic coastal vibe or something more sleek and modern, matt black can turn a piece from being dated to a real show stopper. And you can couple it with raw, natural textures, or bright hues, and it will still make a beautiful statement.

Annie Sloan doesn't make a black Chalk Paint, but instead offers the very versatile Graphite. Graphite is a charcoal, with a blue undertone, and coupled with Black Wax can make the perfect black for furniture.

Once you've painted your piece and are happy with the finish you've achieved you can apply Black Wax directly to your painted surface. You can see from the video below, it deepens and darkens the colour immediately.

Whenever I wax I follow the same process whether with clear or black wax. Apply the wax in small sections with my wax brush and then wipe away with the excess for a clean cloth (I use chux for this, but you could also use old sheets!). With black wax in particular I come back again in 24 hours to give it another wipe over to ensure all excess is removed. Your cloth should come away clean from this second wipe over. If it doesn't, keep wiping and repeat the process again in 24 hours. It's easy to get carried away with waxing and apply to much, it's just a matter of practice.

And this is the finished product!


I know there are some customers out there how like to use a polyurethane product to seal their pieces, and you can still achieve the same matt black finish! Once you've painted your piece, apply your polyurethane. Remember to always use a water based product to ensure it won't yellow. Once this has dried you can apply the black wax over the top! The Black Wax will adhere perfectly to the polyurethane.

You can purchase both Graphite and Black Wax in store or online by clicking the links.


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