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Introducing Lem Lem!

Introducing Lem Lem!

I'm so excited to share our newest product available in store; Annie Sloan's brand new Chalk Paint™ colour Lem Lem.

Lem Lem is a limited edition colour, and a portion of the sales from each tin sold will be donated to Oxfam, and international charity organisation fighting to eradicate poverty.

The soft, warm green was inspired by fields of alliums that Annie saw in Ethiopia, grown by women farmers who are supported by Oxfam’s Ethiopian Seed Project. This project You can see the colour's origin in the following video from Annie Sloan.

The name Lem Lem means ‘to flourish’ in Amharic, the language of Ethiopia. It’s a word that Annie overheard the women farmers say, and thought it was the perfect name for the new colour because it represents hope, just like Oxfam’s Seed Project.

This limited edition colour is great for creating a retro 50's look, and works well as part of a vintage floral style. I've used Lem Lem on a small hall table with a white wash and love the effect! I've also seen Lem Lem with Coco and Louis Blue which are both stunning combinations.

We have a couple of pieces available in store for you to see this new colour yourself, or you can purchase Lem Lem here!



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