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Introducing Decorative Transfers

I'm so excited to introduce our newest products to Paisley Vintage, decorative transfers!

I'm currently stocking two different brands of transfers, Iron Orchid Designs and Prima. They come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes, which you can see in the online shop here.

I remember in my school years in the 1980's I'd use rub-on letting for school projects. These gorgeous transfers work exactly the same way! Each transfer comes with a backing page, and once you've confirmed where you're placing the transfer, you can peel off the backing paper and place your transfer onto your piece. Then you can use the supplied wooden piece to start rubbing!

You can see a fantastic video on how to transfer below.

During our most recent Painters Night Out we used these transfers to decorate galvanized planters and buckets. With two coats of paint, a transfer and waxing (and a lot of chatting!) these took about an hour or so to complete.

A few tips I've learnt for successfully using transfers -

  • Transfers will adhere to Chalk Painted pieces, but will also adhere to mirror, glass and canvas!
  • It's easier to apply transfers onto a hard surface. The canvas was a little trickier as it moved with the pressure of the wooden tool.
  • Check your placement before you peel off the backing paper. These are difficult to reposition, and you can lose some of the design if it has adhered.
  • Your surface needs to be clean, free from dust or particles. When you're applying the transfer it will stick to what ever is there! If it's dust that falls away when you move your piece, parts of your transfer will be lost.
  • Tape down your transfer. It's easy for it to slightly shift when you're working on it, especially when you get towards the bottom.
  • You can check how the transfer is working by peeling back a corner. If it hasn't transferred, apply a little more pressure.
  • Transfers need to be sealed for protection, and Soft Wax does the trick!

I really love these transfers, they make a beautiful embellishment to your furniture. You can see our current collection here.


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