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Image Transfer

Image Transfer

One of the great products I've recently added to the shop is Image Transfer Liquid, an easy way to give your painted pieces that little something extra.

Image Transfer Liquid takes the carbon from a photocopied image and transfers it on to your painted piece. In the picture above I found an old advertisement graphic online, printed and photocopied the image, and then used the liquid to put the image onto a terracotta pot I'd picked up at Bunnings.

To work effectively, your image needs to be printed with carbon; so you can either print them on your printer at home and then photocopy them, or you can save images to a USB and then print them via a carbon cartridge printer. I found printing them to check sizes at home, and then dropping in to Officeworks and photocopying them, worked for me.If you're graphic includes lettering, don't forget to reverse the image before printing!

At our Painters Night Out used images from the Graphics Fairy, an amazing resource for a wide range of images, from French Euphemia to Steampunk or Shabby Chic.

Once you've chosen your image, you need to place it face down onto your piece and tape it in place, making sure the tape isn't covering any part of the image. Your piece needs to be completely dry, but not yet waxed. Using a cloth, gently wipe the liquid over your piece, it should be damp but not saturated. Then you need to apply pressure to the back of the paper to print the image. You can use a brayer, or even the back of a spoon (yep, this is my favourite!), as long as you are moving in an up and down or sideways motion, rather than in circles.

You can check your transfer by lifting a corner. If your image isn't quite as clear as you like you can keep applying pressure. Be careful not to apply to much liquid, as you will saturate the paper and it could tear.

We tried out the Image Transfer Liquid at a recent Painters Night Out on terracotta pots, two of which you can see below. Didn't they come up gorgeous!

 If you'd like to try Image Transfer yourself, it's available for purchase here.


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