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Herringbone Dresser

I’m a bit excited to share this one – it’s something very different for me and I’m just loving how it turned out.

herringbone dresser

I had in my head that I wanted to create something for a boys room; something slightly industrial and a little more grown up, a big boys room.  I wanted more colour, but something that would last into teenage years and beyond.

I knew the colour I wanted immediately – this is Annie Sloan’s Aubusson Blue. The drawer fronts were in reasonable condition and with a bit of sanding (I left some stain to get that lovely mottled colour) they were a great contrast. I had planned to use the original knobs but after trying a couple of different cleaning methods I found on Pinterest (and finding they were all epic fails) I found some plain black pulls that seem to tie in perfectly.

herringbone dresser 2

Painting the pattern was time consuming but SO worth it. I started by measuring the height of the drawer front and marking the half way point at a couple of spots across the top. I then ran some painters tape down one side of those marks and started taping off the stripes on that side. I used a piece of tape to get the width the same between each stripe, and once the stripes were completely dry I removed all the tape. You can see how I did it in the picture on the left, below.

herringbone dresser 4

To do the other side, I reused the long piece of tape, placing it on the other side of the half way marks and taping up the stripes again. To make sure I had the angle of each stripe right I used a couple of pieces of tape to marry up the edges of each stripe. I did find this bit a little fiddly, you can see how I checked in the photo on the right.

herringbone dresser 3

I love the patterned drawer fonts, and I think you might be seeing more of this style from me in the future!



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