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Last month Harry turned four – he’s been waiting and not so patiently waiting all year and then finally it happened, and he has been reminding me almost everyday that he’s a big boy now!!

Harry is such an easy going little person, so bright and sun-shiny and gives an awesome cuddle.

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And as I started with Emma last year, I wanted to share a letter to him here…

Oh Harry – Happy Birthday!

Do you know that when I look at you, I can’t help but smile? Even when you’re climbing the gates of Emma’s school. Or getting out of bed AGAIN instead of going to sleep. Or completely losing it because you’ve left your Mario and Luigi toys behind. There is a warmth that glows from your bright eyes and sweet smile that I just can’t help but melt for. You make me laugh even when I don’t want to, offering a bright optimism even on dark cloudy days.

And every day you’re changing; you’ve worked so hard this last year on your speech and your sweet voice is music to my ears. You’ve been frustrated and angry but never gave up… you’ve laughed at me when I got things wrong and kept trying to help me to understand. I’m proud of how far you’ve come, and your quiet bravery that meant you persisted even when it was horribly frustrating.

Everyday I see a little more of the young man you will become, the bright and boisterous little character who loves to make friends and play outside. You will join in with any group of kids we come across; whether they’re playing in the park or starting a game of cricket in the street, you have such an easy friendliness about you that somehow finds  a place wherever you go. And Harry, love, this amazing person that you are, exactly the way you are, is just perfect. You don’t ever have to be anyone other than you. You are enough; more than enough. With every day you’re becoming an ever more amazing version of you… and that’s exactly who you should be. Your family are proud of you. YOU. No matter what you achieve, what you win or who your friends are, your character and the person you are will truly shine through… and we will love you for it.

And when it doesn’t go right, as things sometimes don’t, you can always, ALWAYS, come home. The door is always open, whenever you need it. You will always be my son, always a part of our family, and no matter where you are or who you are with, the people in this family of yours will always be there quietly lifting you up whenever you need it. Even when you decide that you’re too old for a cuddle on the couch with Mummy, let me remind you, that you are never too old for a cuddle on the couch with Mum.

I love you

Happy Birthday xxx



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