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Getting my craft on with SikaBond Spray Fix

I was lucky enough to receive a box of goodies from Sika Australia recently, including a can of their SikaBond Spray Fix. I like a bit of craft as much as the next person, and I’ve used a generic craft spray from Spotlight before, but always found it poor strength… I could easily peel away the paper or fabric pretty quickly or it lost grip over time. So I was keen to try this product out – the can says ‘High Strength’ so I grabbed a few crafty projects that had been on the to do list for a while and gave it a go. I’m so glad to have had this to try out… no more craft spray glue for me!

fabric covered letter 3

I love a bit of typography art and I’ve had this E ready for Emma’s room for…. well, a long time. I picked it up from a craft shop, but you can get them at Spotlight or at some home decorator stores. I simply laid the letter on the wrong side of the fabric (upside down), traced around it, and then cut it out. I gave both the letter and the fabric a thin spray of glue and then put them together, starting from one corner and working down and across.

Spray Fix does give you some wiggle room so you can get your fabric in the right spot before it’s completely adhered, and you can trim round the edges to finish it off. Once I got the hang of the spray I tried it out on a few other pieces, including a wooden clipboard I’m using in my pantry for my DIY calendar

fabric clipboard

I love these clipboards – I have a whole bunch in the store room (ie garage) that I’m thinking of making over for teacher presents this year. Being at pre-school Emma has four teachers, so something a little different, pretty, and budget friendly is in order!

I also had this old wooden tray in the garage, so it got a Spray Fix treatment too – a bit of navy and white ticking and she’s looking lovely!

fabric covered tray 3

You can get SikaBond Spray Fix at Bunnings and local hardware stores and is a great alternative to craft spray… This is a sponsored post, the product was provided for me to try however opinions are all my own

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