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From the Side of the Road

Last year I was driving along near my home when I noticed a very large pile of ‘junk’. When I say large, I mean spilling onto the road, across at least one property and spilling onto their neighbours front drive. I slowed down. I thought, if everyone else can find cool stuff on the side of the road, then I can too. And I did!

 photo fromroadside_zps62d4416c.jpg

This thing was dirty. It had mold – you can see it coming up from the bottom of the picture. The previous owner had even stuck an engraved plate on the glass. But I knew I wanted a BIG picture for our bedroom and couldn’t afford a frame the size I wanted. This was it, and here it is.

 photo fromroadside2_zps8ba2e56c.jpg

I was going to say that I’m not sure about the picture, but as it’s been hanging for a day or so now and it’s growing on me. I like the idea of the greeny gold for our bedroom. Maybe it will stay. It does reminds me that the whole room could use a makeover… I’m not even game to show a picture of the room! Let’s just say we have a lot of orangy coloured stained wood. I just need to convince Danny how much better it would look with a coat of paint!

Since then, I’ve had a bit more luck with finds on the side of the road. This chest of drawers, named Josephine (her previous owner painted her name ALL over her!), is currently waiting for some draw pulls before being revealed.

 photo ombredresser_zps8d8feff2.jpg

And we got a tip off from a colleague of Danny’s; he was putting this old wooden desk out for collection on Saturday if we were interested… were we ever!

 photo ourdesk_zpsa6c7674e.jpg

So a few painting jobs on the go, and I’ve just gotten all my winter material out to start planning some outfits for Emma and Harry for winter (yes, I start early!) Nothing like being busy.

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PS. don’t mind my blog appearance, we’re under construction!

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