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From Dirty to Dashing!

I have always loved old TV chairs (they probably have an official name, but this is what I call them!), but whenever I see them they are always expensive and out of my price range. Then I found this…
 photo dirtytodashing_zpsd30125ea.jpg
I was ‘lucky’ to pick it up on eBay for $10. There was no bottom cushion and very heavy scratching, but I’d replace cushions and paint it anyway right? So I knew it needed a bit of work, but when I picked it up I suddenly thought, have I paid too much??
 photo dirtytodashing2_zpsa66f89fb.jpg

This thing was dirty. I mean, there were actually real pieces of dirt sitting on top of the spring cover! But it gets better! When I started to pull the chair apart there were bugs inside the cushion. BUGS. Gross crawly black ones. Thank goodness Danny wasn’t around when I was doing that or he would have freaked about me bringing more ‘junk’ into the house!
So, I got to work. Spray painting and sewing. The wood was beyond my skills to repair, so I chose black gloss. I’ve never spray painted before; there were a few moments where I held the can too close to the wood and it created a paint pool. But we got there in the end…
 photo dirtytodashing3_zps9dc3313d.jpg

The chair was originally destined for Emma’s room, but once I started I decided that it might suit Harry’s room a little better. I’m hoping to transfer him out of the bassinet in my room and into a cot in his, so this will be perfect for me to sit in, beside the cot, on those nights when he is not so cooperative drifting off to sleep.

 photo dirtytodashing4_zps90e14892.jpg

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