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What I'm Reading - February / March

I can't tell you how good it feels to be reading again. The budget is taking a bit of a hit though, so I'm off to the library asap to get my membership sorted so I can be borrowing as well as buying each month. And I may just need to find myself another book case.


I’d read and seen quite a lot about Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty before picking it up to read last month. If you’re unfamiliar with the book, one of its themes is domestic violence and after posting about it on my Facebook page I received a few messages from people who were wary of the book due to this subject matter. This had my stomach churning for a day a so; as someone who has experienced domestic violence I was concerned this wasn't the right book for me. Eventually I started, and I loved it. Yes I realise this may not be for everyone, but I found a very real portrayal of relationships and enjoyed every minute of it. I will also look out for more of Moriarty's books as I loved her writing style.

I started out loving Life Lessons from Remarkable Women, but my interest waned and I really found I needed to push myself to finish. Yes, these are remarkable woman and their stories are interesting and inspiring, but with each entry only a few hundred words it really wasn't personal or engaging.

I picked up How to Be Happy by Eva Woods just on the cover art alone, and what a beautiful story! I read this in one sitting; I stayed up into the wee hours and though I knew what was coming I still cried and wished it hadn't ended.

For March I'd picked three books - and just between you and me I've already finished them and had to race out and find what's next!


What are you reading? If you have some recommendations, I'm all ears!


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