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February Painters Night Out

February Painters Night Out

Last week I met some lovely locals for another Painters Night Out. If you haven’t heard about these events, the Painters Night Out is a cross between a social event and a workshop, where we get together and do something creative with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

At the Painters Night Out we’ve worked with most recently worked with Image Transfer Liquid and painting glass. This month we completed projects with napkin decoupage.

Participants range in painting experience; some are beginners, some more experienced. But everyone shares and chats and generally has a great time! 

One of the great things about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is that its thicker consistency means you can use napkins (or serviettes) and adhere them to your piece using only the wet paint. The key is to remove the layers from behind the printed layer, and to work slowly from one side to the other. Most napkins have two or three layers, and you need to make sure to remove all the backing to get the best result.

I've found that light coloured paints work more effectively as a base layer, the above is Antoinette. The deeper colours tend to blur the thin layer of paper and end up making the picture or pattern much harder to see. In the example above I've also dry brushed over the edges just to soften them and make the edge of the serviette not quiet so distinctive.

Everyone went home with a gorgeous decoupaged box, and hopefully the confidence to use the technique on other projects.

Our projects are different every time and are a surprise on the night. It’s always amazing to see the different colours and styles people use to complete their project, and definitely gives me inspiration for my own work!!

If you’d like to come along to our next Painters Night Out, on April 7, you can book here.


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