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Duck Egg Blue Side Table

A little while ago I picked up two little round side tables, got stuck in to painting one, and the other got sucked into the abyss of my garage and almost forgotten. Almost.

duck egg blue side table 2

I decided on Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg for this one, it’s such a great colour and makes it a beautiful and multifunctional piece. I also used L’ Essentiel Beeswax Polish for the first time on this table, and I was REALLY happy with the product. Monique from Dandelion Wood sent me some goodies a little while ago (ok, a long while ago, and about the time that this happened, and I just hadn’t gotten around to trying it out. I’m SO glad I finally did! It smells divine and goes on beautifully.

duck egg blue side table

Now, I know there are people round who sell painted furniture without using finishing wax, and sometimes people are tempted to skip this step when they’re working on pieces for their own home. Honestly, if I can share anything, it’s that wax makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. It gives your furniture such a beautiful smooth surface and protects those hours you spent painting. A little goes a long way, so the cost (and it’s not huge) works out really affordable.

duckk egg blue side table 3

I’ve snapped the table in my bedroom, and while I am quite liking it there, it will be for sale. You can check out more pieces for sale here.

Thanks to Monique at Dandelion Wood I have some great goodies for a giveaway shortly. Make sure you check back to see what it is!!


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