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Drop Leaf Table

It’s a little embarrassing just how long I’ve had this drop leaf table. Truly. I got it some time last year…. maybe the year before. I stripped the old cream, then green, then white paint, burning my fingers in the process, so it was banished to the bottom of the pile till I could bare to look at it again. But she’s finally finished, looking rustic, fresh and beautiful.

drop leaf table

I bought this girl from a lady who was using the table in her laundry for her dryer.  I was in such shock when she mentioned it that I gasped, and she very sheepishly apologised. Poor woman, I apologised too; I didn’t mean for her to feel bad, I was just happy to take the table off her hands! So the table top was in a pretty sorry state, I’d really hoped to stain the top but it just wasn’t going to happen – sometimes pieces seem to have a mind of their own and I just have to go with it.

drop leaf table 2

I’m loving that shine on the table top – even with its worn look. I wanted it to show its age, a reminder of the plates slide across the table, the books rested there, so I sanded the table heavily, letting it distress more in certain places that others. The more I paint the more I find I’m finding I love the character pieces, the ones that give you a sense of their working life. There is a little of the old green paint in some places too – I wanted a pretty kind of rustic and I think she turned out just beautifully.

drop leaf table 3

Of course I pulled out my little collection of vintage books for styling, and a beautiful bunch of flowers. I just can’t help myself; I’ve decided I can trade a take out meal each week for a flesh bunch of flowers. What’s a week without flowers!

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