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DIY Teacher Christmas Gifts

All I want for ChristmasDo you do teacher gifts? Last year was my first go at these, and I went with a very safe, and I’d say boring, gift of homemade cookies. That’s not to say they weren’t yummy, or that the teachers didn’t seem to appreciate them, but they just weren’t very imaginative. So this year I wanted to try something a little different!

With Emma at preschool she has four teachers this year, and with a tight budget (well, any kind of budget really) movie tickets or individual presents costing $20 or more each are just out of the question. So, I came up with a DIY option, and found a few other options I thought I would share.

I’m a fan of clipboards; I shared a fabric covered one here that I use for my calendar, and I thought blackboard paint would be perfect too. With this I simply painted one coat of undercoat, two of black board paint and then hand painted the writing. If you’re not keen on hand painting you could use stickers or a stencil.

clipboard 4

While working on these I came across some other great, cost effective ideas for teachers gifts…

Teacher Gifts

1. This spotted canvas bag by Say Yes to Hoboken is lovely, and you can never have too many of these can you? I have something like it in my handbag, a couple in the car, and this DIY is really easy… in fact, it’s something nice for the kids to do too. You can pick up plain bags at Spotlight.

2. Chalkboard notebooks by Kojo-Designs. Really. They are so cute… and you know I’m partial to a bit of chalkboard, paint or fabric

3. These Vintage style bookmarks by Andrea Singerella have been on my to do list (ie Pinterest) for ever. Just gorgeous.

4. I’ve seen these book planters and wondered how on earth I’d make one. You can see how at Green Wedding Shoes.

5. Neon dipped planters from Hello Bee. I love the succulents, but you could use anything and it would look lovely.

6. I have actually made a bunch of these key chains from Prudent Baby and I love them. I did think one made out of denim would be perfect for a male teacher… or a great Fathers Day gift…

So, do you do teacher gifts? What are you doing this year?

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