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Creating a Vision Board

Last week I ran my first workshop for 2019 - a Vision Board workshop.

I've been creating a Vision Board each year for the past three or four years and decided that for 2019 I'd really love to share the process with others. So last Wednesday night I ran a two hour Vision Board workshop and it was such a fantastic night and something I will absolutely do again!

A vision board is a visual representation of the things you'd like to invite into your life, or the things you'd like more focus on. It might be relaxation, time with family or friends, the confidence to chase a particular goal or space to dream up a new career direction. It's purpose is to inspire you, and also, to remind you of what's important. And just as importantly, a vision board isn't a resolution, or a list of things you can beat yourself up with when you don't achieve them!

If you weren't able to come along, but would really like to create one, here are a few steps to get you started.

1. Collect some supplies.

Your Vision Board is basically a collage of words, quotes and images that reflect the vision you have for the year. We used framed canvases for our vision boards, but you could use anything from a pinboard to a piece of cardboard. Just keep in mind that you will get the most out of your vision board if you display it somewhere you will see it everyday, so make it a size and style to suit.

You'll also need scissors, glue (we used Annie Sloan Decoupage Glue), magazines, and any specific quotes or photos that you would like to include. You can also use paint, stencils, stickers and any other decorative items you like!

2. Think about the things you love

With all your materials together, spend 10 minutes thinking about your last twelve months. When were you truly happy? Or happy? Joyful? What did you enjoy doing? What made you laugh? What filled you with a sense of achievement? Really focus on the experiences that were important to you and that you want to invite in again for the year. Record all those things to refer to later.

3. Find your word

Find a word, or several, that really encapsulates what you're hoping for from the year. You may have to sit with it for a little while, but try to find something that really resonates. During the workshop I read a list of words that might inspire or engage people.

4. Look for Images

Go through your magazines, pictures and quotes and put aside anything you feel connects to the words and examples you listed earlier. Don't over think it! The pictures you choose need only mean something to you, no one else.

When creating my Vision Board I tend to choose pictures that are symbolic. For example, in my board below the largest picture is an open door, placed right in the middle of my board. For me, this represents opportunities, saying yes to invitations, opportunities and ideas, getting outside and getting involved in things. It also suggests being open and welcoming people in.

5. Plan then Paste!

Once you've collected all your images, plan out where you're going to place each item on your board. I will usually then take a photo on my phone of the plan, so I can check back on where different pieces should slot in. If you haven't entirely covered the page, consider using some pretty paper as a back drop. And then start sticking pieces in place!


6. Display

Make sure you hang your Vision Board some where you will see it everyday. You can add to your board during the year, whenever it feels right.


Here are a few more examples from the night.


The Vision Board Workshop was a great night out and I'll definitely be running another next year!

Hope you enjoy making a vision board and get as much out of it as I do!


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