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Childrens Table and Chair Makeover

There are some days when I just love my job!

custom makeover 1

When Megan of Gingermegs Floral Creations bought me this little set I was in love, albeit a little perplexed as to the colour choice of its previous owners! She’d found the cute kids set on a vintage treasure hunt (check out her site, I promise you’ll love those pictures!) and wanted it given a neutral makeover for a family member.

custom makeover 4

I love grey and white for children. It’s so easy to build up from with whatever accent colour you prefer, and later, the child prefers. Of course yellow and grey is popular, but aqua and grey is perfect too! And what about burgundy… Harry’s little mate Gerald looks just lovely perched there (and my two models were decidedly unhelpful this morning!!)

custom makeover 2

Back to the project… I replaced the table top as the old one had warped, painting it French Linen to match the grey spots on the seat. The guys at Bunnings were fantastic cutting the piece of wood to the exact size I wanted – remember if you don’t have the tools at home, ask at your local hardware store as they may do it for free, or a nominal fee. I gave the metal frame a light sand and  painted it in old white.

The seat was a little trickier, as Megan was wanting an upholstered seat… and I agree little bottoms need something soft! So I reshaped the seat into an oval (again I had the tools at home, but you can ask at the store) and used SikaBond Spray Glue to attach some foam to the wood. I then covered it in plain white fabric and then the spot –  I like to give the foam a ‘cover’ so there is no way it shows through, especially when working with white or light fabric! Again, the frame was painted in old white.

custom makeover 3

In case you’re wondering, I’ve found cutting foam pretty tricky. I use an electric carving knife, and sometimes I have completely stuffed up my foam piece and had to start again. But I’m getting the hang of it!

I’m so in love with this one, I really hope it’s new family love it just as much. It’s hidden away at the moment from my little people… I’ve already caught one person trying to carry it off to their bedroom so they need protection!

I’d love to hear what you think!



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