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Chalk Paint™ Inspiration – Paloma

This months Chalk Paint™ inspiration colour of the month is Paloma! A very light shade of grey that has a purple hue, you could almost call it lavender. Annie Sloan describes this as a beautiful sophisticated warm taupe with a great deal of depth.

Paloma Collage


Though quite similar to the ever popular Paris Grey, when held together the purple and yellow undertones of Paloma become more obvious. When looking at these colours with customers in store I ask about where it will be used; the amount of light in the room as well as the colour of the walls and floors. With yellow toned walls (say an off white or cream) the yellow tone of Paloma is more pronounced. With a cool white, the purple comes to the fore.


Paloma v Paris Grey


In the picture below you can see just how beautiful Paloma looks with clear and dark wax, with the mirror painted by one of Annie’s artists in residence Janice Issitt. You can see how it works in the bohemian bedroom setting, but will equally work in something more modern. You can see more of Janice’s beautiful work here.




Quite apart from getting to share the beautiful Chalk Paint™ colour range with you, this series has been a real education process. Looking at each colour, learning about how it came about and it’s historical context has been amazing. I also love seeing how people use colours and styles differently, depending on their home and the look they’d like to achieve. I hope you’re enjoying the Chalk Paint™ inspiration too!

Paloma Chair

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Catherine xx

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