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Chalk Paint™ Inspiration – Old Ochre

This month’s Chalk Paint™ inspiration colour is Old Ochre.

Old Ochre Collage

A faded, darkened cream colour, I regularly offer Old Ochre as a neutral alongside Pure and Old White. While it’s definitely a stronger colour than the others, it still works beautifully as a neutral in the right environment. Often described as bone, or even a creamy biscuit colour, Old Ochre has a warm undertone, considerably more obvious than in Old White, but certainly in the same family.

I’ve recently finished the chest of drawers below in Old Ochre, paired with Emile. As a comparison, the rocking horse in front has been finished in Old White.


Old Ochre takes on a beautiful old french provincial look when used with dark wax. The dresser below is absolutely stunning, and the wax just adds a beautiful depth to the appliques.


The Newest of Old

The distressing used on the armorie below is another stunning way in which Old Ochre can be used, highlighting the warmth and depth of dark wood. If you’d like to try out Old Ochre for yourself (and a little dark wax too!), why not sign up for the Paisley Vintage newsletter for a great deal! Enter your details over in the sidebar to receive updates every month.



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