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Chalk Paint Inspiration – Louis Blue

It’s no secret I’m a blue / green girl. I do try my very best to try other colours, but I always return to my favourites. This month’s Chalk Paint™ Inspiration colour is Louis Blue.

louis blue collage

Louis Blue is a clean, pastel blue. A lovely soft hue, it’s a perfect hint of colour and not too overpowering. In my coastal location I find its the go-to blue for many of my customers, though I think there’s also something decidedly french about it, especially when used on something beautifully ornate.

My first project with Louis Blue was the chalk board shown below. I’m a fan of vintage frames and pick them up whenever I see something with a little bit of detail. If you look closely you’ll see the details below are highlighted in white, which was done by dry brushing lightly over the raised pieces.

Chalk board

Louis Blue is often used in layered combinations, like those shown below on the left and center photos. The picture on the right is the pure colour, for comparison. Paired with Paris Grey and Old White, or Coco, pieces take on a beautiful aged look with a soft pastel tone. They also demonstrate how easily this colour works can be either feminine or masculine.

louis blue collage 2

Source unknown / TLC Vintage Collection / Shabby Treats

In the picture below Louis Blue is paired with Pure White, a lovely soft combination with a coastal feel. The lady who purchased the dresser did so for her daughter, who loves blue in every shade (a girl after my own heart!) and didn’t want something overtly feminine. Louis Blue was perfect.

louis blue dresser 4

I couldn’t finish up on Louis Blue without sharing this beautiful chair I stumbled across on Pinterest. Over on Jou Jou My Love you can read up on some great tips on how to use Chalk Paint™ on fabric, as done on this beautiful chair. Louis Blue and Old White make for a perfect combination.


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