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Castles in the sky


Castles in the sky source

I was pouring over Pinterest this week when I saw this quote. I smiled – do you do that? Smile at your computer? I’m also a car dancer, but that’s another post

I build castles in the sky. My favourite thing to do is to imagine ‘what if’ when I lay down at night. Last thought for the day is an imagination, a dream about what might be. Sometimes I’ve found the most perfect shop location, and think about how I’d set it all up. Sometimes I’m renovating my house, imagining the things I would change, the way I would decorate. Sometimes I’m organising a big party for my family and friends. And…. ok…. sometimes I win lotto

What I need to work on is the foundations. I want to think that I can make them reality if I put the work in, plan where I want to go, what I want to be.

What about you? Do you build castles in the sky?



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