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Cane Ottoman Makeover

I couldn’t post today without making mention of the horrendous bush fires raging across New South Wales at present. In such a terrible time for so many families there is little comfort I can offer other than to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you. And please above all else remember ‘lives before property’. xxx


I love ottomans. I’m made a bunch of DIY ones (like HERE and HERE) and when I saw this frame at my local trash and treasure market I just couldn’t resist making another. Unfortunately I don’t have a before shot – the cane had been brush painted in black, but by the look of it the person had given up half way and decided to move it on. Which is right up my alley… especially when I do love a bit of cane… and a bit of spray paint

Painting this up was easy; I used Rust-Oleums Ultra Cover 2X in Grey…  I did undercoat first as I wasn’t sure whether I would spray or brush paint, and I also find that cane soaks up the paint so wanted a bit of a layer to start with. I used every last drop in the can for the frame to get a good even cover, which I think looks great (you know, if I do say so myself!)

ottoman 3

I was quite undecided about fabric, and shared the picture below on Facebook and the response was AMAZING!!! I might get four maybe five comments on most of my posts, but this one got almost 200. The winner by a long way (like, almost double the other responses) was D. I had actually initially bought the spots for this project and then had second thoughts (as I often do… being ever so slightly indecisive ) so then I grabbed everything I thought might work and laid them out of the floor. Still undecided I turned to Facebook, and then last night I was on a mission to finish this ready for the market this weekend…


If you’re local to the Central Coast I’ll be having a stall again at Avoca Beachside Markets this Sunday. I’m madly finishing a million things ready as I’m not sure I will do another one this year. If your around I’d love to see you there!

ottoman 2

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