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Cane Chair Makeover & Some Ikea Bargains

Last week I decided that I just could not let go of the cane chair in my garage, and so decided to get on with the job of painting her. I had this image in my head of a weathered armchair on a deck by the beach, so started with a white wash, and then, well, it didn’t work. It just didn’t look good, and I had to abandon that idea altogether. So, I stood in front of the spray paints at Bunnings for 45 minutes waiting for a giant hand to reach down and point out just the right colour. And finally, finally (after I’d started to get weird looks from the Bunnings staff) I decided.  And here she is!

cane chair (2)

My bedroom makeover has been slowly moving forward, but it’s been hard going with, well, life! And I can’t find the right bedside tables. The thrift Gods are offering me loads of orange pine but nothing that really grabs my attention. So this chair will make it’s way to my room, when I finish faffing about!

cane chair 3

I’m so in love with the lamp, I could almost use it in every room of the house. I was delivering a hall table to a lovely lady, and we agreed to meet half way between her home in western Sydney and mine on the Central Coast, which conveniently landed us at at IKEA! This lovely lamp was sitting in the ‘as is’ section, reduced to $48 as there were a few very tiny scratches on the base. You can see the lamp here. The rug was also from IKEA, found here. I’m not sure whether the lamp will end up in my little relaxation spot in the bedroom or not. Stay tuned.

cane chair 2 (2)

Last but not least, the weekends trip to Bunnings brought me a lovely new man about the house! I’ve been looking for indoor plants, and he seemed the perfect size for the stand a friend had given me some time ago. I’m still on the look out for a Fiddle Leaf Fig, but in the meantime, this guy is perfect!

cane chair 4

You might remember a while ago I mentioned that I’d finally found a new job. Well, I started this week! I’m nervous and excited and overwhelmed and it’s great so far. Will keep you posted.


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