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Bedroom Makeover Update!

So… I had planned a big post on my bedroom makeover, and hoped to wow you with a beautifully completed accent wall. And then on Wednesday my house was broken in to, and Thursday morning I realised that my camera had gone.


Luckily everyone is OK, nothing really sentimental and therefore valuable was taken, so it could have been much worse. It seems as though the person only got as far as my bedroom, rummaged round in my walk in robe and found a safe (that was empty) and my camera. And left. Probably patted my Golden Retriever Holly as they left.

I hate the feeling that someone has been here, and that they’ve been into the room that I’m trying to create for myself. I’ve been working so hard to create a new start and a sanctuary for myself as I work out how this new life works that this really had thrown me. But that’s past tense… I don’t want it too. I still want this to be my room, my launch pad. So I’m sharing where I’m up to, to get excited and to push myself to keep going. I hope you don’t mind


I had a false start with my wall paint – I was sold on a colour that looked way too purple when up on the wall. I ended up buying a litre of white and adding a quarter of a cup of black and just going with it… I mean, it works when I mix paint for my furniture, so why not for the walls! It is still slightly purple (well, violet) but I’m OK with that. It changes the room completely and I’m so happy I did it.

I also spent an afternoon making a wall stencil – I picked up some acetate from Riot Art & Crafts, painters tape I already had, and an enlarged pattern from the net. I’ll share more detail on this one when I can take some great photos Let me say now that it was a little weird drawing on my wall, and I was very careful not to do it in front of Emma Harry for fear of finding their own amazing design somewhere else in the house!

wall treatment template

I have a tiny little section of  wall to complete and some tidying up and it’s done. It is a huge statement, and I’m sure not for everyone, but I’m loving that it’s completely unique and just for me. I can lie in bed and look at the work I’ve done, and why I’ve done it. And that makes me happy.

wall treatment

I’m now imagining a beautiful charcoal dresser to sit in front, so it’s now been added to the ‘to do’ list. My lovely emerald one will find a new home I’m sure.

So there you have it – a bit of bad news, but progress towards making something better. And that’s what I’ll focus on… the something better.



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